Science, Engineering and Environment Building

Natural and Smoke Ventilation at The University of Salford’s state-of-the-art SEE Building

Usage Education & Culture
Solution Controlled natural ventilation CNV , Smoke Extraction SHEV
Construction year 2022
Architect Sheppard Robson


The University of Salford’s new Science, Engineering and Environment Building features testing and lab facilities, lecture theatres, study areas, offices, and a double-height workshop / testing facility. Large windows and an impressive atrium flood the spaces with natural light.


Modbus Enabled Window Drives

D+H UK supplied, installed and commissioned 411 chain drives and 143 lock drives. All drives are controlled via the Building Management System, utilising the inbuilt Modbus technology.

Modbus provides bi-directional communication on a single cable, significantly reducing wiring effort/cost.


Window Types

Side-hung and bottom-hung windows provide controlled day-to-day ventilation, bringing fresh clean air into the whole building.

29 of the windows are dual-purpose EN 12101-2 certified NSHEVs (Natural Smoke & Heat Exhaust Ventilators).

Lock drives are present within 143 windows located throughout the building, providing extra security through automated multi-point window locking.

A seamless window design has been achieved by matching RAL coloured drives and brackets with the window profiles.


Smoke Control

Two D+H multi-zone EN 12101-10 certified control panels operate all of the windows and ensure the NSHEVs operate in the event of a fire.

NSHEVs in the affected area will automatically open, drawing smoke and gasses out.

This system will keep escape and emergency routes clear, and provide smoke-free space for fire-fighting.


Natural Ventilation Operation

The movement of fresh, clean air vastly improves the quality of air throughout this spectacular educational facility.

These smart multi-purpose systems support the health, wellbeing and concentration of students and staff alike.

Used products

D+H SHEV control panel modular CPS-M1-S

| 230 V AC
To the product
D+H chain drive CDC-0252-0350-1-ACB-R

Chain drives | 24 V DC
To the product
D+H chain drive CDC-0252-0500-1-ACB-R

Chain drives | 24 V DC
To the product
D+H chain drive VCD 203

VCD 203
Chain drives | 24 V DC
To the product
D+H chain drive VCD 204

VCD 204
Chain drives | 24 V DC
To the product
D+H window locking drive FRA 11-BSY+

Special drives | 24 V DC
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