Shenley Pavilion

Providing natural smoke ventilation to a shared atrium

Usage Office & Residential


A modern office development in Shenley Wood, Milton Keynes. Individual offices are arranged around two courtyards and an impressive central atrium.

D+H UK supplied and installed window drives and controls for a natural smoke ventilation system within the building’s large atrium.



20 Schuco AWS 57 RO bottom hung outward opening roof vents were installed above the atrium. D+H UK supplied and installed a ZA 85/1000 high speed linear drive to each roof vent. In the event of a fire, all vents power open fully within 60 seconds, and provide the required aerodynamic free area to ventilate the atrium of smoke. D+H UK provided CE marking and a Declaration of Performance for the vents to comply with EN12101-2.

A CPS-M natural smoke ventilation control panel (with built in battery back up) operates the vents.
The CPS-M operates all 20 vents simultaneously in the event of fire. D+H UK’s system includes a single zone break glass unit to manually trigger, test, reset and monitor the system.

D+H UK have an ongoing maintenance contract with Shenley Pavilions. D+H UK’s regular servicing prolongs the life of the system by ensuring that early signs of faults/wear and tear are actioned where necessary.

Used products

D+H SHEV control panel modular CPS-M1-S

| 230 V AC
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D+H SHEV operation panel RT 45

RT 45
| 24 V DC
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D+H rack and pinion drive ZA 85-K-BSY+

ZA 85-K-BSY+
Rack and pinion drives | 230 V AC
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